Books by Marian Green

Most of the following can be obtained from Amazon, from the publisher, or through bookshops.
If you have difficulty sourcing any title, please write to Marian Green at BCM-SCL Quest,
London WC1N 3XX, UK, enclosing a stamped-addressed envelope (Marian does not use email).

The Treasure of the Silver Web (Thoth 2012)

A Witch Alone: Thirteen moons to master natural magic (1991, latest edition Thorsons 2002)

The Modern Magician's Handbook (Thoth 2001)

The Gentle Arts of Natural Magic: Magical techniques to help you master the crafts of the Wise
(1987, latest edition Thoth 1997/2003)

Practical Magic: A book of transformations, spells & mind magic (Lorenz 2001: also published
as White Magic and How to be a White Witch)

Magic in Principle and Practice (Quest, 1971, reprinted 2010). Obtainable from the author:
cheque for 4.50 (5 Euros, $10 US but bills only) to the above address

The Grail Seeker's Companion (with John Matthews, 1986, latest edition Thoth 2003)

Natural Witchcraft: The Timeless Arts and Crafts of the Country Witch (Thorsons 2001)

The Path Through the Labyrinth: Quest for Initiation in the Western Mystery Tradition (1988,
latest edition Thoth 1994)

A Calendar of Festivals: Traditional Celebrations, Songs, Seasonal Recipes & Things to Make
(Element 1991)