Quest Annual Conference

Held in March every year, Quest's Conference is the world's oldest, continuously-run, open meeting on the Western Mysteries, magic and witchcraft.

Organised by Marian Green, editor of Quest magazine and the author of over twenty books, it is a very friendly gathering of practitioners, authors and interested newcomers. It is an ideal place to make and renew friendships with like-minded people.

The 2017 meeting was held at the Southville Centre in Bristol (UK) on Saturday 11 March from 1030 - 1700. It included talks by Professor Ronald Hutton on The Western Magical Tradition, Val Thomas on the Magic of the Land, and Marian Green on the history of Quest and other magical developments over the last 50 years.

An account of the meeting can be found on the page 2017 above.

The cost of the Conference is 25.00, including lunch: cheques payable to QUEST.
To book a place, or for more information, please write to Marian Green at
BCM-SCL Quest,London WC1N 3XX, UK (sae please; Marian does not use email),
phone 0117-9634247 (before 8.00 pm, please) or see the announcements in Quest.

Further information: